Optimizing drug Access

When it comes to accessing drugs and pharmacies, our channel independence means you can choose the solutions that best meet your needs – and your employees’ preferences. We help ensure your employees have access to their medication where they want it, and at the best available cost.


FWA monitoring across pharmacy, prescribers and members

Prime’s Fraud Waste and Abuse (FWA) solution sets the standard for detecting and preventing fraud. Many PBMs offer pharmacy fraud products, but only Prime can extend fraud protection to cover member and prescriber fraud. Our FWA offering encompasses all in-network pharmacy types, including retail, mail and specialty.


Access, savings and choice

To make sure your employees have the choice they need, it’s important that you provide access to all major chains, so a solution that provides broad national access is key to our offering. With more than 66,000 retail pharmacies, the Select Pharmacy Network offers excellent coverage, allowing you to provide employees with uncompromising access. It also offers savings of up to $0.14 per member per month.¹


The best available price at local pharmacies

Your employees no longer need to search for the best discount card prices and then try to remember which card to present at the pharmacy. Through MedsYourWay – Retail, all they need to do is show their insurance card when they fill a prescription to get the lowest available price.


The lowest available price, integrated home shopping

MedsYourWay – Home Delivery offers an innovative shopping experience through Amazon Pharmacy, including real-time benefits data and integrated discount drug card pricing. Through this offering, your employees get the lowest available prices, and all covered purchases count toward their deductibles.

Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota and Blue Plus® are nonprofit independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Prime Therapeutics LLC is an independent company that provides pharmacy benefit management services for Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota.

Amazon Pharmacy is an independent company contracted to provide pharmacy home delivery services to Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota.

¹ Prime internal data, 2020