Controlling costs and maximizing member health

Now more than ever, employers are looking for value from their health plan without sacrificing quality care. At Prime, we get that.

Through our unique connections with our Blue Plan clients, we target solid solutions, promote cost-effective drug choices and manage drug utilization to improve health. Here's how we do it. We:

  • Proactively consult with employers to evaluate and implement pharmacy programs that meet their unique business needs
  • Provide a wide array of proven services and clinical expertise to design flexible programs
  • Focus on total health to design programs that do not merely shift costs from the pharmacy benefit to the medical benefit
  • Use medical and pharmacy data together to help manage overall health care costs and promote quality care

Drug Cost Calculator

Use this tool to estimate therapy costs related to various chronic medical conditions now treated by new, high-cost specialty drugs.

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Clinical Programs

Our comprehensive suite of clinical programs helps you design a plan that maximizes cost savings while ensuring appropriate drug therapy. more»

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